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The Cycle of Life

March 19, 2011 | Food for Thought

Two weeks ago today we lost our beloved Max. I was so devastated that I couldn’t even mention it in my writing. He was only eight years old, and had been seemingly fine and healthy. On Friday he had his annual checkup and shots. On Saturday he went for a walk with my husband – one of his very favorite things to do – and ate his dinner. He greeted our friends who had come over for cioppino that evening, then laid on the couch (yes, we spoiled him) while we ate. When we let him outside after dinner, he seemed unable to walk back inside. Within 2 hours he would be dead from heart failure, most likely due to a large heart tumor that we were unaware he had. I know everyone says this, but he was the best dog ever, the sweetest thing you could ever meet. I’ve never met a more loving animal, and I’ve been heartbroken at our loss.But life does go on after death, and fortunately puppies seem to help the healing. This afternoon I’ll be visiting this litter to pick out one. They’re only two weeks old right now, so they’ll stay at the farm for awhile longer. How many times do you think I’ll drive up there to visit between now and June when we bring our puppy home?!?!?!?!

Max, you’ll always be missed – we loved you and hope you knew that.


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  1. I stumbled onto your website and want to say we understand your loss. We recently had a similar experience with our old Malamute and, yes, she was also the best dog ever. It’s painful that we live so long and our “furkids” aren’t with us the whole time.

    All we can do is accept this natural fact.

    I have heard that one should not adopt the overly-eager pup, nor the overly-shy one. The middle-of-the-road one is the best, which might be a metaphor for many aspects of human life.


  2. Dear Michele,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Mine will be eight this April, too and also would be devastated if anything would happen to him.
    Max looked like a real sweet doggie.
    I wish you the best and hope you will find the right puppy at the farm.
    Big Hugs.


  3. Oh Michele,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Max. What a shock to lose him just like that! I’m glad to have known him. He was a sweet, sweet guy. A true Golden. And that is a great picture of him.
    Good luck with your selection. Let’s see if you can choose only one! And get some puppy time for me, puppy breath, frito toes w/ soft pads and needle teeth. And the soft round, warm bellies. You let me know if you need any company out there at the farm!
    Good bye Max. You’re a good dog.


  4. I just came across your blog while doing food blog research. I just had to drop by and say, “I’m so sorry for your loss of Max. Only those of us who experience this can relate. I am sorry.


  5. So sorry to hear about Max and your loss. Glad to hear you’re picking out a puppy — he/she won’t replace Max, but will be a new addition to your family!


  6. I’m so sorry about Max. I have a Maggie and can’t even imagine that day coming.

    Speaking of can’t imagine… 13 puppies! In the same litter?!


  7. I came accross your website and read this post. As a fervent animal lover I was saddened to read of your loss. My furry “babies” are truly a blessing to me, and anytime I have lost one, the pain seems truly insurmountable. It will pass, though, and I found that recieving good wishes and condolences from others eased the heartache for a while. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless.


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