It all started with a trip to Monroe Organic Farms for my CSA Harvest Festival. During the festival members are invited into the fields to harvest peppers and pumpkins. I brought home the obligatory one perfect pumpkin for my husband who still – despite being empty nesters – feels we need one for Halloween.I also brought home a flat’s worth of poblano peppers – which once I got them home discovered they also bring grasshoppers with them. My puppy had fun carrying one around in her mouth until my husband gave the poor guy a reprieve in the backyard. And I nearly drove off the road the next morning when I turned to look for cars on my left and found myself staring right into the eyes of the largest grasshopper I’ve ever seen who was perched on the inside of my window.I have a technique for roasting poblanos or anaheims. I don’t like to freeze the roasted chiles with seeds and stems because you then have to deal with that once they are thawed. Instead, I like to cut off the tops and pull out the seeds and stems before I roast them. But it somehow didn’t seem right to throw away this much pepper, so I kept these cute little tops to dice up and freeze without roasting. Everything sounds great, right? One problem, I did this all without wearing gloves. Big mistake. I was holding each chile pepper with my left hand, using my right to cut off the tops and scoop out the seeds. All that capsaicin didn’t hurt as I was working, but within 30 minutes, my hand was on fire – and continued to burn like that for over 24 hours. My right hand – the one I do everything with. Learn from my mistake and use gloves!I had some beef tenderloin left from a dinner party on Thursday night, so I diced that up along with some onions and some of the poblano pepper tops and sauted that.I like to mix enchilada sauce so poured a can of red on the bottom and then filled my corn tortillas with the meat filling……before pouring the can of green sauce on top. If you have a little extra filling ingredients, just sprinkle them over the top before adding cheese and baking. Enchiladas don’t have to be an involved affair and they are perfect for using up leftover chicken or beef. I keep corn tortillas in the freezer so I’m ready to go when the ingredients present themselves. And don’t forget your gloves when working with chiles!