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Using Leftovers Creatively – Scrambled Eggs with Sauteed Mushrooms

March 2, 2012 | Breakfast,

I must confess, I’m a bit of a freak about using up leftovers. I actually like leftovers, and have been known to eat the same dish for lunch and dinner three days in a row until it’s gone. But it’s not just that. Being so heavily involved in an organization that works to end childhood hunger in America, I just can’t bring myself to throw out perfectly good food.Two nights ago I made a slow cooked pot roast. When it was nearly finished I caramelized some mushrooms with some sauteed onions, then used them with the gravy I made from the roast.Then last night I used the leftover roast beef, along with some roasted anaheim chiles, cheese, and Mexican spices, to make beef enchiladas topped with tomato and avocado. Two servings for us for dinner, two servings wrapped and into the freezer for lunch one day. So far so good. But I was left with about 2 cups of my mushroom gravy that seemed too good to throw away.It’s no secret that I like my eggs in the morning. Those delicious farm fresh eggs, perfectly fried or scrambled, and I’m a happy girl.But I was also intent on getting some vegetables into every meal, and intent on using up those mushrooms. I gave them a quick rinse under water in a strainer to remove the gravy, then re-sauteed them for a few minutes with a touch of butter. They were perfect on my eggs this morning. And I felt happy knowing nothing had gone to waste. That’s a good start to a day.


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  1. Growing up in a family with six kids gave me a lifelong appreciation of using it up. Nothing could go to waste and luckily like you, I LOVE leftovers; as a matter of fact I simply don’t get those that don’t. They must be the ones who don’t go to the work of preparing the food because for me I love the break from cooking that the provide!

    I’ve done something similar…but will most often make an omelet; yet either way, eggs and mushrooms are great together aren’t they?


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