The town of Lecce in the heart of Puglia is known for many things – the intricate Baroque architecture, the many churches, St. Irene and St. Oronzo, the duomo and Santa Croce, Roman ruins and the end of the Appian Way, cascading flower boxes from balconies with iron railings, wine, hidden courtyards behind imposing large wooden doors, and more. But what I think of most when I think of Lecce is how photogenic the city is. With the curved alleys of buildings built from the warm yellowish Leccese stone, and the structures bathed in early morning or late afternoon light…well, I can’t think of many more places just begging to be photographed like this. I’ll skip the commentary today and just share the photos in the hopes that you’d like to join me on next year’s culinary trip to Puglia.

My point and shoot camera broke on this trip which forced me to use only my phone for photos. For those of you photo bloggers out there, these photos were shot on my iPhone 4S and they were edited on my iPad using the Photogene app. In most cases I did only a very simple crop if needed and used the preset filters, almost exclusively the dramatic or dynamic filters. For those of us who spend lots of time doing serious photo editing in our daily lives, this short cut way of editing and posting is a fun diversion!