To make the breading stick to the tomatoes, you are best to use a traditional 3-step dipping process. First, into seasoned flour (just salt and pepper will do), then into the liquid – generally beaten eggs, but for me this was a slightly thinned out ranch dressing – and finally, into the bread crumbs (or cornmeal if you like).Make sure you have all of those bowls ready and your tomatoes sliced about 1/3 of an inch thick.That flour will give the ranch dressing something to hold on to, and the dressing, of course, allows the breading to stick.I used a nonstick pan as I hate nothing more than all of the lovely browned coating on my fried green tomatoes getting stuck to the pan. I also started with about this much olive oil, but added more each batch I put into the pan.Heat the pan about mid-way between medium and medium high – you want the tomatoes to cook long enough to slightly soften and don’t want to burn the coating in the process. When they have a lovely golden color like this, turn with a thin spatula and brown on the other side. When you remove them, sprinkle with sea salt and eat them hot!