You might recall that not long ago we lost our beloved golden retriever Max to sudden heart failure. We were devastated. And then, like all true dog lovers, we started searching for our next pup. We tried to adopt a rescue dog, but because we would not guarantee that the dog would never be left outside we were denied. I don’t really get that – many of our dogs in the past have loved sunning themselves on the porch while we were at work. So we returned to the same breeder where we found Max, and found Ellie, who just came home yesterday. She clocks in at 8 weeks old and nearly 15 pounds already, so she’s going to be a big girl. She runs to my office when she sees me going that way and lies calmly under my feet while I work, but that’s the only time she’s calm. If you’re in Denver, swing by and see her when you’re in the neighborhood. Already I’m her best friend in the world – she treats me like I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to her. So quickly, I’m in love all over again.