I can’t tell you how often people meet me and ask me what my favorite restaurant in Denver is. Or how often I can’t answer that question. It’s not that I don’t love certain places, it’s more that I love so many restaurants and so many chefs. First I’d have to narrow down type of cuisine – Italian, Asian, farm to table? Then I’d have to think about types of restaurants – from fine dining to food trucks. And then I’d still probably give you several restaurants that I love. Although I can’t name one favorite, I thought you might be interested to know some of my favorite spots that I dined in 2013 – mostly in Denver, a few in other places – by month!

January – The Kitchen Denver
February – Barolo Grill
March – Sushi Den
April – Ma Peche (Manhattan)
May – A Variety of Places in Rome, Italy
June – The Modern (Manhattan)
July – Root Down
August – Linger
September – A Variety of Places in Seattle
October – At an artist’s home in Tuscany
November – at home with family for Thanksgiving
December – Acorn

And since today is the day to celebrate the coming new year, here are some restaurants on my list to try for 2014:

Kelly Liken (Vail)
Old Major
Pho Duy
Squeaky Bean
Table 6
The Populist

What haven’t I listed that YOU think I should try???

Happy New Year!