April 22, 2009 – Leaving San Francisco

May 18, 2009  •  California, San Francisco, Travel

We awoke to a gloriously crisp, clear day in the city on our final morning before heading to the airport. This is the type of weather we had been expecting for the full trip – and what people who live her love. Without too much time for doing much of anything, we headed straight to Union Square to hang out. Those windows you see on the tall building behind Saks are actually the windows from the dance floor in the night club at the top of the Drake hotel which caused us to giggle a bit thinking about our antics from the prior night.
We planted ourselves at an outdoor table at this cute little coffee shop and cafe and ordered a mimosa to sip on, periodically getting up to wander through the art show that was going on.

Reluctantly, we loaded up into the taxi and made our way to the airport to head home. It was definitely one of the more unusual trips we’ve taken – we used virtually every kind of transportation including limo, train, taxi, bus, boat, plane and trolley car – but also a trip filled with stories! You can’t beat San Francisco as a destination, even if it takes you two and a half days to get there!

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