Cleaning the Garage

June 1, 2009  • 

If you know me well, you know I’ve been with my husband for a long time – dating since I was 18, married for 24 years. While we get along well, we don’t really do well working on household projects together, but yesterday was different. We cleaned out the entire garage without a nasty word or a single argument. And then, amazingly, he surprised me by making me lunch – beer brats, which is something I’d never make for myself but thoroughly enjoyed after working for 4 hours. Maybe it was my evening of “fame” doing the Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 event, but he seemed determined to get his moment in the spotlight and left me this note for his brat recipe:

“Bring 24 ounces of Budweiser to a full boil – put in bratwurst. Boil for 10-13 minutes. Immediately remove and place on hot grill. Turn in 4-5 minutes. Spread Harvest Coarse Ground Mustard on bun. After 10 minutes, place buns on grill with brats. Turn grill off – remove after 3 minutes. Place brat in bun, add American chees, sauerkraut and more mustard. Squeeze bun. Enjoy good garage cleaning food. By ‘Cooking with Greg’, no registered trademark and no patent pending.”

Gotta love him, right?!

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