First I browned 1 pound ground beef together with 1 onion, diced. Next I added about 2-3 cups of diced Poblano and banana peppers (small, thin-skinned ones – if they are thick-skinned you will want to roast and peel them first), 1 cup diced red tomatoes, and 1-1/2 cups pureed green tomatoes.I mixed that all together and threw in my standard chili seasoning blend – a good amount of chili powder (1-2 tablespoons), cumin (2-3 teaspoons), coriander (1 teaspoon), salt and pepper – plus a little cayenne for kick but leave that out if you don’t want it hot. I let the whole thing simmer for about 20-30 minutes and guess what? Great quick chili with a nice level of acidity to it – you’d never even know there were green tomatoes in the mix.