Dining Out Tip – Chinese Food

March 10, 2010  •  Restaurants

As I was reading some of my favorite food blogs this morning (I promise a Best of The Food Webroundup some time this week), I noticed several bloggers and their readers complaining about “the muffin top”, “love handles”, and other hazards or enjoying food too much. Sometimes I think it’s just a hazard of our passion and for many of us our profession – I can’t say no to good food, even when I’m full. And with my culinary trip to Italy just around the corner, I really need to scale back a bit now if I’m going to enjoy myself to the fullest while traveling.

While all cuisines have their healthier dishes, and their not so much ones, Chinese food sneaks up on you. I know that those veggies look perfectly innocent, but the oil used for stir frying and the sodium content and oil in most sauces can wreak havoc on an otherwise sensible day of eating. I’ve discovered, happily, that most Chinese restaurants will offer you a steamed vegetable dish, accompanied by either chicken, shrimp, or beef if you want – whether it’s on the menu or not. You can then request one of the sauces on the side or simply use a little soy sauce and you’ll be enjoying Chinese food guilt free. Now if someone can please provide tips on how to stop buying and eating Girl Scout cookies, I’d be forever grateful and more comfortable in my jeans!

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