Arugula and Green Onion Pesto

June 18, 2010  •  Condiments,

There’s only one thing to do when the greens in your garden start getting completely overgrown like this.Despite adoring a fresh arugula salad, when they begin to flower and go to seed, they are overgrown and can be a bit too bitter for salad.Not to mention the state of my green onions – ridiculously overgrown at over 2 feet high and turning to flowers that adorn my kitchen counter! Only one thing to do – make pesto.Many people think pesto is only made with basil. Not so – in fact pesto refers to anything that’s a paste like texture, although basil pesto from Liguria in Italy is the most famous. For this one I used a couple of green onions and garlic cloves which I minced up in the food processor.Then from the arugula which I harvested and put into a bucket of water in the sink (I’ve left it for a day or two like this and it was fine)……I pulled out about 2 packed cups of arugula leaves and added them to the food processor along with 1/2 cup pine nuts and salt. I pulsed this until it was minced up, but not bruised……then added olive oil with the blade running until it reached a pesto thickness. It’s bold, it’s different, and I’ll be posting a couple of recipes with unique ways to use it so stay tuned!

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