Giraffe Cupcake Cake for Baby Shower

March 22, 2018  •  Desserts,

Last summer I made a giraffe themed cake for a baby shower for my son and his wife. They delivered my first grandchild nearly six months ago, Carter Winston, carrying the middle name of my late husband. He’s beyond precious, and fills my days and weeks with joy! I meant to post the cake back then, but completely forgot, so here you go.Carter’s room carries a giraffe theme, so I wanted to make a giraffe cake, but everything I found online looked like a cat or dog or nothing, so I decided to build it out of cupcakes instead. You can make any animal shape you want like this but just arranging the cupcakes on a large piece of cardboard covered in foil. Use the star tip on a pastry bag to decorate with icing that you dye to the color of the animal. For the giraffe, make the smaller dark dots first, then fill in the lighter color around. Ignore the edges of the cupcakes and frost over the spaces so the animal looks like one complete cake. Lots of fun for a child’s birthday or baby shower!

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