Frequently Asked Questions

How long did the cookbook take to produce?

In the summer of 2011 I began developing the list of chefs and venues to include in the book and began contacting them. It took eighteen months to gather all of that information, test, edit and photograph the recipes, write the book, and produce it.

How did you decide which chefs and venues to include?

We wanted the book to represent Colorado, so to include recipes from around the state. Much of the population in Colorado lives along the so called Front Range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, so you’ll see many of the recipes from these areas. But we are fortunate to have fabulous resort venues and sleepy little mountain towns and ranches that I wanted to be sure to include as well. We also wanted to make sure we included all types of chefs – from the owner operator and breakfast chef at a B&B in Crested Butte, to an up and coming high profile restaurant chef in Denver, to the executive chefs of resorts like the Broadmoor or the Stanley Hotel. I think you’ll enjoy the mix.

Were the chefs willing to just turn over their recipe?

The wonderfully creative chefs all around the state were incredibly generous and supportive. Not only did they willingly participate by contributing recipes, in most cases they shared several recipes so I’d have backups if needed, answered my phone calls about ingredients and techniques, and sent kind notes of encouragement. I’m so grateful to all of them for the support, and the result for the reader is a wonderful collection of recipes!

Are you from Colorado?

As I explain in the introduction in the cookbook, I moved to Colorado in 1985 when I was newly married, so I’m not a native, but I’ve spent more time here than anywhere else in the country. All of my children were born and raised here, and much of my family followed me to Colorado to live. When I arrived in Colorado in 1985 the dining scene was anything but exciting. A few of the classic fine dining restaurants like The Flagstaff House were around then and are still thriving today. But the explosion of restaurants from all cuisines that’s occurred in the past 10-15 years is what made this project really fun to work on.

When was the cookbook released?

I received my advance copy in January of 2013 and the books were available for purchase shortly after that.