Plum Season!

August 29, 2012  •  Best of the Food Web, Fruit

Fall is full of milestones. I know you parents of young kids count the days until school starts, either sad to see summer ending or thrilled to unload the kids for part of the day. The weather starts getting a bit cooler and by the latter part of September, we’re ushering in autumn. The days get shorter and we sleep blissfully with the windows open here in Colorado. But something else monumental happens – my plum trees reward my patience with a bumper crop just about every year.This year, they grew so dense that they look like giant bunches of grapes instead of single plums. So far I’ve only eaten a couple each day as I wander in and out of the house – oh ok, actually about a dozen a day, but hey, they’re small, right? But this Friday my girlfriends will stay a few minutes longer after our weekly exercise session to help me harvest the trees. They’ll be rewarded with a bag each to take home – and I’ll be making my way into the kitchen. There are too many to just leave them on the counter, so here are some of my favorite recipes I’ll be looking back to. My plums are Italian prune plums, the kind that look like they are dusted white over a very blue skin. But if you have the more reddish purple varieties, they’ll work too in these recipes.

Plum Sauce
Plum Crumble or Cobbler
Plum Tarts
Dried Plums
Plum BBQ Sauce
Arugula Salad with Beets and Plums

Do you have any favorite plum recipes? Please do share!

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