Black Pearl Denver

May 31, 2013  •  Restaurants

black pearl denver shrimp tacosOne of the reasons my husband and I moved into the boundaries of the city of Denver (beyond the fact that we wanted to shorten his nearly hour long commute to work from the south suburbs) was to have access to great restaurants. In the suburbs outside of Denver it seems you’re limited to family-style chain restaurants by and large, and although many of them serve perfectly edible food, it’s just not that creative from a culinary perspective. Well, Black Pearl on South Pearl Street, a short 5 minutes from our house, is just the opposite of pearl denver shrimp tacos 1We usually go to Black Pearl for brunch during the summer. There’s a wonderful, perfectly sized, farmers’ market there on Sundays from 9 until 1, so we arrive about noon, do some shopping, have brunch, then head home. For whatever reason I don’t think to head here much outside of the market season, but ended up on Pearl Street by accident recently with a friend and suggested we have lunch here. We both had the shrimp tacos, which were covered with a perfectly spiced tomatillo salsa and served alongside black beans with some queso fresco on top. Great lunch, great location, great spot to chat with a friend. Here’s the full Lunch Menu – give them a try next time in your in the neighborhood!

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