Egg and Feta Scramble with Herbs

September 5, 2013  •  Breakfast, Technique

egg and feta scramble with herbsWhen I was teaching a cooking class for Cooking Matters this past week, the women were expressing their frustration about making family meals interesting. They lamented that they feel stuck in a rut with the same basic things and were having trouble branching out. I’m sure this is something most of us feel in the kitchen at least some of the time, and I shared with them ways to make their food more interesting.egg and feta scramble with herbs 1The easiest way I know to take food from boring or bland to savory and exciting, is to add simple flavor elements that don’t sabotage your diet with fats, salt and sugar. I divide this into several categories:

  1. Herbs (fresh if possible) and spices (dried)
  2. Acids – citrus juice, vinegars
  3. Aromatics – onion, garlic, shallots
  4. Strong flavored cheeses – feta, Parmesan, sharp cheddar (by using a sharp flavor, you are satisfied with less cheese)

That’s exactly what I did for breakfast the other day. Instead of my standard two eggs over easy, I scrambled them with a bit of minced fresh tarragon and garlic chives from my herb garden, cooked them until just barely set, then stirred in some feta cheese crumbles at the end to melt into the eggs. No shortage of flavor there, and the entire meal took me only a minute longer than my standard plain boring breakfast would have. As you know who says, easy peasy!

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