Creative Leftovers: Pasta with Corn, Tomatoes and Basil

September 10, 2015  •  Easy Entrees, Pasta & Pizza

pasta-with-corn-and-tomatoesOnce you make a fresh corn and tomato salad with basil in the summertime, it’s almost a crime to have to refrigerate leftovers. You can certainly eat it again the next day, but that refrigeration takes some of the freshness out of the tomatoes for sure, and can even discolor the basil. But fortunately, you can easily turn a salad like this into a pasta dish for dinner in under 10 minutes. Simply heat up the salad in a skillet while your pasta is cooking, toss it together with the pasta and a bit of the pasta cooking water, drizzle with some fresh extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with some grated Parmgiano Reggiano cheese. Simple, light and refreshing, the way summer dinner should be, in under 10 minutes.

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