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March 24, 2016  •  Fish & Seafood, Local Sources

alaska-direct-bristol-bay-sockeye-salmon-rawI love an entrepreneurial food story, so image my delight when the boyfriend of a friend of one of my kids contacted me recently about his business bringing Bristol Bay Wild Sockeye Salmon direct to consumers, right here in my backyard in Colorado. As Ryan Hanley (he’s a third generation Bristol Bay commercial fisherman) told me, when other kids might have gone to soccer camp growing up, he was learning to fish. He and his partner Dax Lauwers are trying to make the cost of this quality wild product more affordable with their direct to consumer sales approach. You’ll find their online store here, and if you are in the Denver area, you can pick up your products from the Golden warehouse to eliminate shipping costs.alaska-direct-bristol-bay-sockeye-salmon-poached-in-evooThe first time I cooked some of the salmon filet, I frankly overcooked it, misjudging how less fatty this type of tuna is from an Atlantic salmon. So for the second time, I decided to try a short olive oil poaching technique in the oven and it came out perfectly. Simply cover the salmon with an inexpensive olive oil (this isn’t the place to use your very best finishing oil), season with salt and pepper, and add herbs if you want to infuse some flavor like I did with my early spring tarragon. Cover and bake at about 325 for 15 minutes at the most. Remove the cooked filets from the oil with a spatula and serve on a bed of rice or quinoa for a wonderfully healthy and delicious dinner. I hope you’ll support these young men as they work to grow their business!


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  1. Sally Davidson says:

    This is GORGEOUS!!!

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