Roasted Garlic Croutons

August 15, 2016  •  Breads, Salads

foccacia-croutons-1When I make my Roasted Garlic Focaccia Bread, I almost always seem to have leftovers – of both the actual focaccia bread as well as the garlic infused oil from roasting the garlic.foccacia-croutons-2Turns out these two work really well together to make croutons. Simply cut the focaccia into 1-inch cubes for croutons, drizzle with the leftover oil from roasting the garlic, toss the bread cubes so they are all covered with the oil…foccacia-croutons-3…and season well with a nice sea salt. I like the salt from Trapani in Sicily that Gustiamo sells – link to the right for a discount on your order!foccacia-croutons-4The croutons only take about 15 minutes in the oven to crisp up, but if yours seem a little chewy at that point, turn the oven off and leave them in there a few minutes more, checking to be sure they don’t burn.foccacia-croutons-5I actually drizzled mine with a little more extra virgin olive oil when they came out of the oven, and sprinkled with more salt. Use your tastebuds to guide you! This isn’t an exact recipe, but I will tell you I had enough bread cubes to fill a sheet pan, and used about 1/3 cup of oil, but using a little more or less will be just fine. Your bigger problem will be trying not to snack on the whole tray of croutons! Store in a covered container or bag and try to use within a week or two for best freshness.

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