Restaurant Roundup: 12@madison

October 2, 2017  •  Restaurants

grilled romaine, oven dried tomato-red onion vinaigrette, pecorino, crouton

I often worry when I’ve heard so much about a chef and a new restaurant that I’ll be disappointed when I go, my expectations set far too high. Not the case at all with 12@madison nor with Jeff Osaka! I was one of the many who were sad to see him close Twelve, which he opened as a reinvented version of that restaurant late last year – life just got in the way of me getting here until recently.
orecchiette with rapini, garlic, chili flake, parmesan crumbs

This is a restaurant presented with thought: lighter vegetarian oriented dishes are listed on the menu first with heavier meat-based courses towards the end. It helps you balance what you might like to try.
calamari with israeli couscous, crispy guanciale, parsley-garlic sauce

And then there are the flavors. The sauce in this calamari dish left us wanting to lick the plate – lemon, parsley, garlic all balanced against the crispy guanciale. Or the hit of chile flakes in the orecchiette. Or the pronounced oven dried tomato flavor in the dressing for the salad.
deconstructed clam chowder

The special was this deconstructed clam chowder, with just enough thick broth to enhance the potatoes and clams which were accented with whole grain mustard. Tender clams, packed with flavor, beautifully presented.
braised lamb shoulder, socca cake, cucumber, yogurt sauce

The dishes are meant to be shared which means you get to try more things. We shared five plates between three people, and although we wanted to try a dessert, we surrendered. I’ll just have to make another visit soon.

Wednesday – Saturday 4–10, Afternoon Delight 4-6
Sunday 10–2/4–9, Afternoon Delight 4-6
Monday & Tuesday closed
1160 Madison St.
Denver, CO
(720) 216-0190

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