Grill Pan Surf and Turf

April 25, 2009  •  Fish & Seafood, Meat & Poultry, Tools

My outdoor grill is still under construction from the fire, so I decided to break out a rarely used pan, my All-Clad nonstick grill pan. I probably would not have purchased this, but it came free with some other purchase, and actually came in quite handy for this dinner. I had two small lamb chops left over from a dinner event I did on Thursday evening (I’ll share that marinade recipe “anotha day”, as my daughter used to say when she was 3) and I started by searing them on one side in the grill pan.
When they had some nice marks on them, I flipped them and added some fabulous halibut from Whole Foods, flesh side down.

After searing that first side of the fish, I moved the entire grill pan into a 350 degree oven.

I like my lamb chops medium rare, so I pulled them out to rest in foil while I finished the halibut in the oven (I’ll share that recipe as well later this week).

Both the lamb chops and the halibut turned out beautifully and I had only one grill pan to clean up!

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