Restaurant Roundup: Wayward

February 8, 2018  •  Restaurants

Steak tartare – Western Daugthers dry-aged, salt-cured yolk, fresh horseradish, garlic, crispy parsnip, house chips

I’ve been keeping a list of new restaurants to try for several years now. There is just one major problem: my list is so long and restaurants have been opening at a blistering pace in Denver for the past few years, so every once in awhile places close before I can make it there, like The Way Back.
Potato Croquette – Fruition Farms cacio pecora, pink peppercorn, lemon zest

And sometimes I find myself out with friends making a last minute decision about where to eat, and we end up with the only place close by that can seat us at 6:30 on a busy Saturday night in downtown Denver. That happened to be Wayward in mid January.
Hot Carrots – Native Horns goat cheese, chili salsa verde, toasted pepita

We had no idea when we sat down to eat that Wayward was the same team as The Way Back. And we learned The Way Back will be relocating to the Highlands sometime in 2018, so it’s back on my list.
Pappardelle – braised short rib ragu, Fruition Farms cacio pecora

When we sat down at 6:30, the place was empty and we feared they would soon be forced to close for lack of business. Was it the location? Or too many new hot spots to compete against? Why was nobody in here?
Gnocchi – mushrooms, caramelized leeks, cream, shaved Parmesan

Turns out we were just too early for the Saturday night dining crowd and the place was packed when we left at 8:30. Hard to keep up with the hipsters!
WayWard Burger – bacon jam, funkmiester, red leaf lettuce, whole grain mustard, aioli

I loved everything about this place – from the interesting vegetarian plates to the addictive potato croquettes, from the hand cut steak tartare with cured quail egg yolks to the over the top pasta dishes. Definitely on my return to list!

1610 Little Raven Street, Suite 100
(former Zengo space)
Denver, CO 80212

Tuesday – Thursday | 4pm-10pm
Friday – Saturday | 5pm-11pm

Saturday – Sunday | 10am-2:30pm

Happy Hour
Tuesday – Friday | 4pm-6:30pm

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