Cooking Oil Cheat Sheet [guest post]

April 11, 2019  •  Best of the Food Web,

When picking the best cooking oil for the job, there’s a lot to consider. Certain oils are better than others when comparing shelf life and nutritional value, but what you choose also depends heavily on your recipe and cooking use. Hands down, if I’m eating raw oil, like you see above drizzled over a fat ball of burrata in southern Italy, I reach for extra virgin olive oil. But an important factor to consider for other uses is the cooking oil’s smoke point or the maximum temperature it can reach before it starts to burn and lose nutrients.

There are so many cooking oils to choose from and it can get very confusing with all the information out there. That’s why the good folks at Kitchen Cabinet Kings put together a cheat sheet that breaks down 21 cooking oils from high to no heat. It outlines everything from heart health level, best cooking use, food pairing, smoke point, and storage. Click through and show them some love for sharing this while I’m making my way through southern Spain and Portugal!


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