Valentine’s Day Gifting – Persona Coffee

February 2, 2021  •  Best of the Food Web, Beverages,

I’m always searching for a fun Valentine’s Day gift idea, but I’m all about giving consumable gifts. My friends and I certainly don’t need more stuff at this stage of our lives, so when the kind folks at Persona Coffee reached out to me I had to give it a try.Just like the name implies, you personalize your coffee selection when you order. You have two options – either take the quiz to find out something that you might like (when I did this for my Valentine is prompted me to the Why So Serious? blend), or if you know a bit about coffee and what you prefer, you can create a custom blend like I did. The fun thing about the custom blend is you name it, which means you can put a Valentine note on the bag for your sweetheart. Give the folks at Persona Coffee a chance ( and use the code CookingWithMichele at checkout for a 10% discount on your first order.

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