Italy Trip FAQ

silvestro and florine cookingDo I need to be a good cook to attend?
Absolutely not – you just need to love to eat great food! Italian cooking involves simple techniques and great ingredients, and you’ll learn everything you need to during our time cooking together at the school.

Do we cook all day long?
We generally start the day around 10am with a trip to the market and a short lesson (about Italy, food, culture, wine, language) and then cook together for 60-90 minutes to prepare lunch. We linger over a leisurely lunch together, and then you have free time to explore (or nap!) in the afternoon before we gather again around 5 to cook dinner.brodetto di pesceWhat is the food like?
Food in Italy, like much of the culture, is still very regional. The classic dishes in Rome (spaghetti carbonara, artichokes, pizza) will be different than the foods you’ll enjoy in Puglia (greens, orrechiette pasta, seafood)

Can you accommodate vegetarians or people with food allergies?
The diet in southern Italy is very big on vegetables anyway, so you’ll be right at home and won’t ever go hungry! Please contact me to discuss food allergies to ensure we can meet your needs.

Is it only women on the trip?
Men, women, singles, couples, friends, parents, kids and more all join my trips. Anyone is welcome!

Can my spouse attend but skip the cooking portion?
Yes, the Awaiting Table Cookery school offers a discounted option for spouses or partners who just want to join us for meals and outings. The trip cost is reduced for the non-participating person.albergo santa chiara romeWhat are the hotels like?
We stay in 3-star hotels, centrally located in Rome and Lecce. Rooms are comfortable with modern amenities, but small like most European hotels. Breakfast is included at the hotel. You can choose either a double room or a single room.

Do I need to bring euros with me?
The best exchange rate is to use a credit card with no international fees. The second best exchange rate is an ATM. I advise guests to get euros from the ATM at the airport in Rome before heading into the city, but if you are uncomfortable traveling without local currency (on one occasion the banks were on strike when we arrived and no ATMs at the airport worked), then exchange about $200 for euros before you leave.
rome fountain piazza navonaCan I spend more time/less time in Rome?
Some guests who have never been to Rome or who have trouble with jet lag like to arrive a day or two earlier, while some guests have been to Rome many times and don’t want to spend as much time there. I can customize the trip for you in any way you would like. Please contact me with your plans and I’ll be happy to price the trip for you.