June 22, 2007  •  Europe, France, Paris, Travel

Unbeknownst to us when we decided to come to Paris, it was a holiday weekend and the opening weekend of the French Open tennis tournament, so the city was buzzing with activity. We had to switch hotels, which required moving our car to a garage closer to the new hotel which was on the right bank near the fancy shopping area. We hung out here for a breakfast of crepes with butter and sugar and coffee (I was fully addicted at this point to both the crepes and the coffee).We get a kick out of buying street art on our travels – as much for the buying experience as the art itself – so we decided to walk up to Montmartre, the artist district that sits high on a hill outside of Paris overlooking the city and the home of the large Sacre Couer church. We made our way into the tiny pedestrian square where the artists set up shop and landed on two paintings done by a man from Croatia – they just happened to be Normandy and Brittany which was a perfect memoir from our trip. My husband always makes me pose with the artist – definitely dorky, but a fun memory!After enjoying a bit of the bubbly and watching the crowds, we headed back to the hotel via the metro and grabbed some bread and cheese at the market to snack on in the hotel while we packed and got ready for dinner. The woman from the hotel had made us reservations at Le Bilboquet, a restaurant and live jazz club.We arrived at 8:00 and by 9:00 most of the Parisians started showing up and the music began. Great fun and a terrific spot for our final night in France. We enjoyed gazpacho, salmon fillet with basmati rice (and some Bearnaise I stole from my husband’s steak), and chocolate ice cream (that we ordered just to extend our time in the club and enjoy the music).

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