Preserving Herbs

November 12, 2008  •  Condiments, Technique

As much as I love fresh herbs (click here for the post that shows my herb garden), when the cold weather arrives, most herbs just aren’t going to make it through the winter. One great way to use them is to create an herb-infused vinegar like the lovely Rosemary Vinegar pictured above.

You can save old vinegar bottles or purchase attractive ones at the Container Store, and vary this recipe by changing the type of vinegar (white, red, champagne, sherry, rice wine, balsamic) and changing the herbs used. Just remember to pair delicate herbs with a delicate vinegar so as not to overpower them.

Rosemary Infused Vinegar
Makes 1 bottle

Herb vinegar should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent any bacterial growth from the herbs. Strong herbs like rosemary impart the most flavor, but you may substitute any combination of your favorites in this recipe. Other combinations include: raspberries; thyme and lemon peel; garlic, rosemary and sage; chives; or garlic.

8 ounces high quality white wine vinegar
2 rosemary branches, cut to length to fit in bottle
8 ounce decorative vinegar bottle with cork or screw cap

Wash and sterilize the bottle and cap before use. Place rosemary in bottle with the top end of the branch sticking up, and then carefully add the vinegar. Seal and refrigerate.

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