What’s For Dinner?

August 29, 2009  •  Vegetables

I teach a cooking class that’s called What’s For Dinner? Students spend about 30 minutes learning what I stock in my pantry, refrigerator and freezer – including how I organize it and why I keep certain things on hand – then select from the stuff they see to create a menu which we all cook together and eat. It’s one of my most popular classes because it’s what many people struggle with when they come home from work – what am I going to make that’s tasty out of what I see here?
So this post is actually a little test for you readers out there. Here’s what I had the other night – these veggies from my CSA farm

…plus a good chunk of this cheese…

…and plenty of fresh basil. I also had a ton of boneless chicken breasts that I had ordered from my Dallas at Eastern Plains Natural Foods. What would you have made? Let me know then I’ll tell you what I did!

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