Things I didn’t know about Ireland…

July 6, 2010  •  Europe, Ireland, Kinsale, Travel

Before I crash (and I mean crash) tonight, I thought I’d quickly post a few random thoughts that came to be tonight while wandering around Kinsale, in County Cork.First of all, let me set the record. You can smack me later when you see me and say you knew all along, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food here is not just decent, it’s seriously good. Both of my parents had the lobster at Crackpots tonight (my mom sucking every little leg clean, while my dad went for just the tail and giant claws, the sign of a true New Englander who was spoiled as a child by an abundance of lobster readily available). I opted for the monk fish smothered in a sesame, chile, mango salsa over a soy glaze and green beans. Perhaps the icing on the cake, so to speak, was the bowl of new potatoes served family style and swimming in butter, sprinkled with tarragon.My second big surprise – and nobody is more excited than my dad – is that the clipper ships are in Kinsale until tomorrow, just finishing their race around the world. We’ll see them off at 11am tomorrow morning as they sail out and head to Cobh and Cork and home.My third surprise, although any of you who live in these parts, who happen to own a globe, or who paid more attention in geography class than I did would obviously know, it stays light late here.Those flowers along the water and this cute historic square were all photographed after 9:30 pm, yet it was still plenty light until well after 10.And finally, this is a shot of my parents cute little balcony at the hotel, photographed as I headed back to my room at 9:30 after walking around town, checking out the clippers, and stopping for a glass of wine along the water. What I didn’t expect was to arrive home to a note tucked under my door in my room saying to please call and say I was home safe as my mom was worried about me. I’m a mom to three and know that I worry excessively about my gang, even though they are all adults now. I guess this was a mini reminder to me not to nag my kids too much!


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  1. Janine says:

    Hi Mic, I got all teary-eyed seeing your posts from the past couple of days. I wish so much I could be there to share this landmark trip with Mom & Dad. Please be sure to take lots of photos of both of them, and some of you with them too, in addition to all your scenery & yumalicious food photos!

    Love you,

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