Cruising the Yangtze River Gorges

October 9, 2010  •  China, Travel, Yangtze River

We knew coming to China that our time cruising through the gorges of the Yangtze River would be a highlight. The scenery has a reputation for being spectacular, and for good reason.We arrived at this section of the river, where the flat land begins to rise to hills closing in on the river, at sunrise, and we made ourselves get up early for the views.After making it through 2 of the 3 gorges, we got off the ship to board these small sightseeing boats that would take us up the narrower fingers of the river to the lesser gorges – a name which doesn’t serve them well, as they really are probably more impressive. I’ll leave you with the images to ponder.Along the way we went under countless new bridges – the amount of construction you see on infrastructure like this in China helps you understand why China single handedly can affect the concrete and steel markets worldwide.As we turned around to head back to the ship, the late afternoon sun made for some breathtaking shots through the haze.Back on the ship, the sunset over the river provided the perfect backdrop for a cocktail on the deck before dinner. A gorgeous day all around, and relaxing not to have to board a bus to be shuttled around for a change!

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