Restaurant Roundup – Euclid Hall, TAG, Hyatt Denver

May 14, 2011  •  Restaurants

Just a couple of weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed a tour of downtown dining spots to celebrate our anniversary. Since I’ve promised to be more timely with posting about my dining adventures, here goes! We started the night at Corridor 44, a tiny restaurant and champagne bar on Larimer Street for a glass of champagne.Then we walked around the corner to Jennifer Jasinski’s new place, Euclid Hall, for a taste of the house made sausage they are known for. We shared the beef short rib kielbasa, after the bartender told us it was probably the most popular, and it was presented with four different types of mustard for dipping. Mouthwatering, to say the least!From there we went back around the corner onto Larimer Street for our reservation at TAG, Troy Guard’s dining spot that always seems busy. The service was really good, which always makes for a nice dining experience.We highly recommend the steamed and crisped seafood potstickers, but my husband found the salmon sashimi a bit boring.I like to share entrees so that you can try at least two things. So we ordered the Colorado bison filet with macerated cherries, cippolini onions, brussel sprouts, szechuan pepper sauce. Although it was flavorful, it was also quite tough and I suspect the bison might have been grass-fed.We also ordered the Miso Black Cod with Artichoke Edamame Salsa, Verde Farms Pea Sprouts, Yuzu Kabayaki, and it was sensational – definitely worth trying if you go! We shared both some red wine and some bubbly with our meal.To end our anniversary celebration, we had a pedi-cab take us over to the new Hyatt by the Convention Center and we went up to the bar for a nightcap and a view of the city. It was soothing and a perfect end to a fun evening out in Denver. [Editor’s Note: For those of you counting our stops (and therefore our drinks), we left our car downtown and took a cab home – one of the easy things to do and definitely an advantage of living close in to the city!]


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  1. Barbara | VinoLuciStyle says:

    I tweet with the folks from Tag and Euclid Hall and have been remiss in getting there…love seeing your pictures though and sounds like a wonderful night. Belated congrats on your anniversary!

  2. Lea Ann says:

    Well I for one was most certainly counting those drinks… tee hee. We really need to get downtown more often. Would love to visit all of these places. Thanks for the photos.

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