Berries with Mint and Lemon

May 16, 2011  •  Breakfast, Fruit, Salads

Sometimes the simplest foods are the very best. Strawberries came into season a bit late this year, but when they hit the stores, man are they good! And this “recipe”, if you can call it that, couldn’t be easier.Clean, hull and slice strawberries and mix them with blueberries, then add fresh lemon juice, a touch of sugar to help them macerate a bit, and a good amount of fresh mint. I served these with brunch last weekend for Mother’s Day – refreshing and simple.


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  1. Karen Harris says:

    Stunning photo Michele. Love berries of any kind but especially strawberries. Hmmm, Twitter, I really don’t know why I joined to tell you the truth. I guess I felt like I was being left behind. At least I now have one up on my daughter. She thinks she’s so smart.

  2. Barbara | Creative Culinary says:

    Beautiful photo and a great simple salad. Simple for me mostly because I have both the berries and mint in the garden. Not promises about making this some day. Nope…I WILL be making this for dinner tonight. Thanks!

  3. Anne says:

    Great strawberries in season can stand alone! What a wonderful way to showcase them. And such a beautiful picture! : )

  4. Christine says:

    Great recipe! Love strawberries. I have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Julia scalise says:

    Hi Michele , it was great to meet you too. I’ve been to your site many times and I love the verbiage and fotos…beautiful and professionally done with a true artistic flare. Really love it. Keep in touch. If you have a sec take a look at the rice ball torta I posted a few months back. It’s my favorite one. Pic is not so great, I’m working on it though. I laugh at some of the blue food I’ve photographed.

    Warm farewell


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