Book Review: Suzanne’s Kitchen, An A-Z Guide {GIVEAWAY}

February 22, 2013  •  Informational

suzanne's kitchen book coverBeing a food blogger, I’m often contacted to review books or products. Sometimes things are just sent to me, as in this case when I received a copy Suzanne’s Kitchen, An A-Z Guide. This is not the type of book I would normally order – I mean I have over 500 cookbooks including most of the classics about technique, even the textbook from culinary school. But for those of you who are feeling more like a novice in the kitchen, this book could be a great addition to your library.

The book is arranged alphabetically and is intended to help you stock your kitchen and to understand tools and ingredients. For each item listed there is a set of key information about the item:

What is it?
Tips on preparing
How to Use
Tips on purchasing
Tips on serving
General information
Tips on cleaning
What does it mean?
How to?

From A to Z, or from a la carte to zucchini, this book is packed with useful information you’ll be happy to have on hand. If you’re interested in having the book, post something on Facebook or Twitter about my new cookbook, Tasting Colorado, and leave a comment below with the link to your post for a chance to win this handy guide! (US address only please!)


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  1. Angie says:

    I feel like I’m a pretty decent self-taught home cook but I’d like to share my skills with my husband and I think a book to act as a guide would be make it much easier! See my tweet at: