Why I Do What I Do

October 2, 2014  •  Informational

Ever wonder how I got into doing what I do? Want to learn what I’m passionate about? I didn’t start my career in the food and wine world, but ever since I launched my business over 8 years ago, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I was recently interviewed for a possible news segment about my career, and the crew who shot that offered to make a promotional video to profile my business for me with the footage they shot. It’s short, I hope you like it, and please share it with anyone you think might be interested!

Thanks to Andy & Bianca at LocalScene TV for putting this together for me.


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  1. Susan Schneckner says:

    Hi Michele — Love the video! Looking forward to more of them to watch. My only suggestion would be to put a towel on the counter under the bowl when mixing w/hand mixer to keep it from moving around. Otherwise, your first video is a huge success!

  2. Karen Guerra says:

    Great video. So good to see and hear you!

  3. Kirsten@ My Kitchen in the Rockies says:

    I love this video, Michele!

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