Restaurant Roundup: Atticus and Sarto’s

May 18, 2015  •  Restaurants

atticus-tuna-tartareIf you ever get a great restaurant to move into your neighborhood, you need to make sure to go there often, to help them thrive, so you don’t lose them. That’s how I feel about Atticus. And you know I was really enjoying the food when I forget to even shoot a picture of my entree! The tuna tartare was unique, with different flavors and seasonings than you usually see for such a popular appetizer, and that made it special.atticus-spring-saladThe spring salad was like artwork in a bowl – and everything perfectly dressed. I think I had the Duck Duck which was a breast and a confit leg, but I don’t really remember what the sides were – I just know I was so busy enjoying it that I never snapped a photo!sartos-denver-prosciutto-melonSarto’s has been on my list for quite some time – the chef came from Barolo Grill, so I was excited to see what he created at Sarto’s. Unfortunately, the food was sort of hit or miss. This prosciutto with melon was actually a nice riff on the classic pairing.sartos-denver-beef-carpaccioBut the pomegranate seeds on this beef carpaccio just didn’t work for me and the meat was a bit dried and sticking to the plate.sartos-arugula-salad-with-parmesan-pine-nutsThe arugula salad was simple – the way it should be, the way you’d find it in Italy – with a lemon dressing and Parmigiano Reggiano.sartos-denver-lamb-chopsThe lamb chops were huge – probably larger than needed for a single portion, although cooked well.sartos-denver-duck-confit-lentilsI think my entree of the quail over lentils was perhaps the best dish on the table – and I enjoyed and ate every bite of it! I found out the executive chef from Sarto’s was released from his position just 2 days after my dinner there, so I am guessing I wasn’t the only one who had concerns about the place. And now I feel I want to go back to see what the new staff will do and to see what changes are in store. So instead of checking this off my list of restaurants to try this year, it’s back on the list for round two!

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