Semi Sous Vide Salmon

May 9, 2016  •  Fish & Seafood, Technique

sous-vide-salmonWow, that post title is a mouth full, isn’t it? Well, I couldn’t really think of any other way to describe this! You may recall awhile back that I posted about a friend’s business fishing for Bristol Bay salmon. The company, Alaska Direct, is working hard to bring the very best of wild caught salmon to your table right here in Colorado. My first attempt cooking it was only mediocre, as I misjudged the oil content and overcooked it. Then a week or so ago I wanted some protein for a salad, and had the idea to try gently poaching the filet right in the vacuum sealed back it came in. Bingo! Tender, juicy, not at all overcooked, and ready to put on top of my lunch salad in about 10 minutes.alaska-direct-website-headerJust bring a saucepan of water barely to a simmer and add the vacuum-sealed fish filet. Barely simmer for about 10-15 minutes – the cooking time will depend on the thickness of your fish and the desired cooking temp, but 10 minutes for a thinner filet resulted in a perfect temperature of medium. Since you can’t season the fish before cooking with this technique, a nice drizzle of the very best extra virgin olive oil along with a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper will result in the best lunch you’ve had in awhile!

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