Seeded Ciabatta Bread

July 16, 2020  •  Breads,

I started baking bread again, along with most of the free world I discovered, some months back as a way to manage stress during the stay at home COVID orders. And while I like the idea of the no knead overnight bread recipes, in fact I get a better product with a better rise if I do a more traditional style, like this ciabatta bread. Part of the reason is that you create a biga the day before, and the longer you let it sit (up to 24 hours) the more flavor it develops. But you can move on to the next step as soon as 4 hours later if you want. I like that flexibility.Then you mix in more flour, yeast, water, and in my case, the seasonings and seeds, and let it rise 3 times, punching it down each time after an hour.The final rise is after you shape the dough into loaves. I’m not sure if you need to score the top of these loaves or not, but I did just for the heck of it.Just follow my recipe for Ciabatta Bread, but add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of Everything Bagel Spice mix and 1/2 cup of shelled pumpkin seeds when you mix in the final flour and yeast. The result: two gorgeous and delicious loaves of bread, one for us and one for a our neighbors who are going through a tough time. Toast it and slather with butter. You’re welcome!



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  1. DONNA HICKEY says:

    If only I could find yeast. Unavailable since March. Would welcome any suggestions. Tried 4 King Soopers, a Safeway, Whole Foods, Amazon. ¡No hay!

    • Michele says:

      Donna, have you tried Sprouts? I couldn’t find any either then a friend found a bulk container of it I think at Sprouts and shared it with me. Good luck searching – so frustrating I know!

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