A Total Disappointment…but some tips for you

September 23, 2009  •  Desserts,

Well, it doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile I’m totally disappointed in something I make. I got up this morning and this first thing I did was load the Sweet Corn and Basil Ice Cream into the ice cream maker, forcing myself to exercise for 30 minutes while it firmed up.
It looks good, doesn’t it? When I first tasted it I was torn between thinking it was fabulous and thinking it was horrible. I decided to wait to let my favorite foodie friend Susan taste it since I was having lunch with her anyway. She said, “It’s not bad – it’s just really weird.” I think if I had omitted the sugar and made it a savory frozen course with a meal, or added more sugar and strained out the corn kernels to make it a creamy and sweet dessert ice cream it might have worked. If any of you decide to try it, please report back with your changes and results! In the meantime, let me share some food links I’ve found this week that you might find interesting:
E-Kitchens Can Get Crowded – eye opening article about the growth of wiki type of recipe sites that allow anyone and everyone to alter a recipe once it’s posted. The article includes an example of how radically one tabbouleh recipe was changed by various contributors, including the addition of green chili which seems to have stuck in the recipe. What’s your vote? Should we promote group alteration of recipes until we end up with one global form? Or should we keep the individual creativity in a recipe? From the NY Times.

Cheap and Easy Ground Beef Recipes – in a time when everyone is trying to save a buck, but also in a time when our health care system really is going to require that we take charge of improving our health, what could be more appealing that recipes for under $3 a serving that are also nutritionally balanced? From Eating Well online.

Time to Store Green Tomatoes – if your tomatoes have survived any early season storms like the weather we are having in Colorado this week, you might think about how to harvest the remaining ones. I’ve always wondered how to best ripen the under-ripe ones, and this blog post is loaded with all you need to know. From the Edible Front Range blog (look for my article on sustainable seafood in the fall issue on stands in October).

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