April 21, 2010 – Positano

April 22, 2010  •  Amalfi Coast, Europe, Italy, Positano, Travel

When you’ve been to a place before, it’s nice to find something new to do. When I asked for a map of Positano this morning from the front desk the clerk pointed out Montepertuso on the map and mentioned that it’s 1000 steps up the side of the mountain, but that we could take a bus if we wanted. Heck, why not start the day with a little exercise? So up we went, panting and sweating, past orange and lemons trees……past gardens, olive trees……and the cemetery……until we were high above Positano……and within “just a few more steps” of Montepertuso. Once in the center of Montepertuso (about a 45 minute hike up), we found the first spot we could buy water (why had we left without any?)……and sat down to wait for the bus down, spending the time with the dogs of the town. After an hour and several different answers as to when a bus would arrive, but still no sign of a single bus, we decided to go back down on foot. But as we turned around, a mere 50 feet away from the bus stop, we saw the bus arrive. We also saw several more on our way down, but by then we were committed and fortunately the walk down took (only) 35 minutes.Thankfully our knees held out and the views were well worth the effort. After a quick shower (and a few Advil for our aching knees) we went straight to the beach for lunch.I know you’re not supposed to reward yourself with food, but hey, you probably already have me figured out. At Tre Sorelle on the beach……we inhaled a pizza (my first white pizza of the trip – no tomato sauce - this one with prosciutto crudo)……and an arugula and bresaola salad – accompanied by what looks like the Italian flag……beer, rose and water. Afterwards we just strolled through Positano……making friends with yet another seemingly stray dog. How typical is this of the Amalfi coast? Lemon gelato served in carved out lemons. After a nice rest in our lovely room with views of the sea……we made it to dinner at the institution Buca di Bacca. Insalata mista. Trofie con pesto and sundried tomatoes (really a dish of the Ligurian coast). The most tender and juicy grilled swordfish I’ve ever had. Capped off by (unbelievably) my first limoncello of my trip. We had another bottle of Anglianico wine from Compania with our dinner – a great medium bodied red wine at a really affordable price. We walked off the wine and the calories (my husband ordered both gnocchi AND spaghetti and meatballs for his dinner tonight, feeling in need of a pasta fix) by walking the longer way up the street to the hotel. Isn’t it gorgeous lit up at night? Tomorrow, hopefully a little less walking.

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