April 3, 2010  •  Italy, Travel

Tomorrow morning I leave for Italy. A good friend of mine and I agree on the philosophy that a wonderful trip is enjoyed in three parts: the planning and anticipation, the actual trip itself, and the reminiscing over photos and journals and stories. I’ve been immersed in that first phase for nearly a year as I’ve planned this trip, one of my culinary tours in Italy, with the added benefit of a few days in Siena with one of the women before the others arrive and a week on the Amalfi Coast at the end with my husband to celebrate our anniversary (it’s a big one!).

For the first time ever, I’ll be blogging from the road, sharing photos, experiences, laughs, and most importantly, adventures in food and wine. if you subscribe to my blog you’ll get these updates automatically. If not, check in during the next few weeks to experience life in Italy through my eyes. I promise you a mouthwatering experience.



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  1. The Italian Dish says:

    Looking forward to your posts from the road!

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