Chinese Food – and Cookbook Giveaway!

October 29, 2010  •  China, Travel

You might have been wondering how a foodie like me could blog about every aspect of China with barely a mention or photo of food. Well, I was saving it all for a single food post. We ate just about everything you can imagine (minus the weird stuff from the night market) – every variety of Chinese soup I’ve ever heard of, duck, chicken, beef, fish, Cantonese to Sichuan cuisine, and a vast array of rice, noodles, dumplings and vegetables. Take a look and see if you can pick out the dishes that are NOT Chinese cuisine – I’ll send a copy of my farm cookbook to the first person to post a comment and correctly identify how many of these photos are non-Chinese dishes. (Shipping only in US please.)

If you are wondering what any of the dishes are, anything that looks particularly appealing or interesting to you, just ask and I’ll try to remember what it was. I do recall that everything was delicious, but that I also need to take a break from eating Chinese food for awhile. 🙂

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