April 4, 2010 – Traveling Light

April 6, 2010  •  Airlines, Europe, Italy, Siena, Travel, Tuscany

I lead culinary tours in Italy, and with that responsibility have developed a finely tuned packing strategy for how to pack for an extended trip in a small carry-on bag, including the critical 1 quart Ziploc baggie for those dangerous liquids and gels. I packed conditioner, but not shampoo, because I can make do with the hotel shampoo. I poured my foundation into small little bottles that I know will be enough for the 3 week trip. I invested in 2-3 ounce leakproof Nalgene bottles for things like hair spray, lotion, or face cream. And then once I had that all neatly arranged in my 1 quart bag, I headed off to the airport in Denver, leaving the bag in the bottom draw of my bathroom. Don’t tell my tour group that I’m that distracted.Thankfully, my husband was game for racing home after dropping me off and then racing back to the airport (he pointed out that the double trip clocked in at 120 miles and 2 hours) to bring it to me and I scurried down to the security area. I actually think karma was on my side today – I try to do some good for the world each week and this week I cleaned out perennial gardens for a friend with cancer before I left town for 3 weeks so her gardens would bloom nicely for her in the April sunshine. In return, the universe moved me to the front of the security screening line and pointed me to a scanner that had nobody in line. That little bit of karma meant I got to the gate just as the plane was boarding, sweating and stressed, but in time to stow my carry-on bag and feeling better about having those liquids and gels. Airline travel these days is not much fun – especially in coach – but the little things do seem to make it tolerable. Our flight from Denver to Washington was 30 minutes early, the coach section on United for the Rome flight actually handed out nice toiletry kits and provided free wine with an edible dinner of baked ziti and salad,  and our flight from Washington to Rome was half empty so we were able to spread out a bit and sleep. For sure, flying is certainly not luxurious, but they got us there.Don’t you love the sunrise over the airplane wing? I get that giddy feeling knowing I’m almost there1


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  1. Pete says:

    Excellent post Michele; photos, content. Got a moment to check it out after Tricia’s direction. Glad she has you exclusively for a couple of days! So glad you’re both there. Keep up the great work here!

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