Tuscan Gastronomic Tour, Part 2: Cheese

February 18, 2019  •  Europe, Italy, Travel, Tuscany

Last November I spent a week traversing Tuscany with a small group on an incredibly delicious gastronomic tour. While the truffle hunting was my favorite overall day, I must say, this day spent on two different farms, took a very close second. First a visit to Azienda Agricola Biologica Santa Margherita not just for the time to coo over the pretty goats (above), but for an incredible spread of food to sample their vast array of organic goat cheeses.

Logo of the farmCheese moldsFresh goat cheeseThis might have been the most impressive display of cheese tasting I’ve ever been served.Then a stop at Azienda Agricola Vergelle to see where they make the famous sheep’s milk cheese of this region, pecorino.Can you believe how gorgeous this property is? If you visit their website through that link above you can learn how you can actually stay here in these pretty apartments.This isn’t the best picture of these pretty ladies, because it was really a video which captured their lyrical calls to the visitors.In a nearby barn are the baby lambs.I could have kissed this little guy!They farm makes several varieties of pecorino, but this truffle studded one on the bottom is out of this world.So I bought a wheel and lugged that baby all the way home to Denver to serve on New Year’s Eve.

Tuscany isn’t just all about the rolling hills and wine – the farms of this area produce amazing products so take the time to visit them while you are on holiday.

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