Turkey and Rice Soup

December 1, 2011  •  Soup

One of the best parts of cooking a turkey is making stock from the carcass after the feast is over. I mean, why would you want to pay $1-2 a can for stock when you basically can make it for free with the scraps? Throw in the carrot, celery and onions leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner along with the carcass and water and simmer for a few hours, then strain. When you do strain the stock, you’ll find that the carcass actually has quite a bit of meat still clinging to it. This meat will have largely leached its flavor out into the stock, so I don’t recommend eating it solo. But if you let it cool, pull off all the bits of meat, chop it up, and return it to the pot along with a basic mirepoix (carrots, celery, onion), some of the stock, and some leftover cooked rice, you’ll have wonderfully comforting soup in 20 minutes. How easy is that? And doesn’t that sound great for one of these cold winter nights? Stay warm!


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  1. My German Kitchen...in the Rockies says:

    That’s what I did, too. This is always a very welcoming soup.
    Stay warm, too. It is 19 F outside my house right now.

  2. Soup Gal says:

    My grandmother was always making soup for us, especially chicken soup. Interestingly, I have heard that studies show that chicken soup really is good for a cold! Souper food!
    – Rach

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