Smoking Meats, Texas Style

August 9, 2012  •  Food for Thought, Technique

And speaking of leftovers, I love using up leftover smoked meats from a big barbecue.
We have some friends who originate from Texas. You know, oil people who really know what a barbecue is. It’s all about smoking the meat low and slow. I’ve been coveting this setup since I ate at their house two years ago.According to my friends, equipment makes all the difference. Based on how well this baby is smoking away, who am I to argue?Then it’s about, well naturally, the smoke. You can choose your wood to get whatever smoky flavor you like. But you don’t get smoked meat flavor without alot of smoke.Smoke whatever meats you like. But since this was a fourth of July celebration, we had a grand selection of types of ribs and chickens.My friend says these heavy duty rubber gloves that allow you to handle very hot food are a necessity – well it certainly made cutting the ribs up much faster!I’m thinking of adding a smoker to my backyard set up – anyone have an opinion about types of smokers and specifically any experience with The Big Green Egg? Would love to know what you all think!

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