Ma Peche and the Creativity of David Chang

April 17, 2013  •  New York, Restaurants, Travel, United States

ma peche new york dinner guestsI have a fun tradition with my son in New York – whenever I visit, I treat him and a couple of friends to dinner someplace nice (read: expensive) that he might not otherwise get to. It’s my way of ensuring that I get to dine at a new place on my VERY long list of New York restaurants I’m dying to try. David Chang, king of the Momofuku empire, is well known, for both his wild personality and his incredible food. So on this visit, (from left to right) my son and his girlfriend, another NY friend currently living in Chicago, my daughter (who I was helping deliver to NY to begin her externship at The Modern in MOMA), and I made our way to Ma Peche. The decor, as you can see in the picture, is very spartan, but the food is anything peche new york foie gras

foie gras (hudson valley, ny) – sarsaparilla, malt, brioche
(we almost thought we were served dessert first)
ma peche new york scallopscallop (barnegat light, nj) – plantain, yuzu, sesamema peche new york beef carpacciobeef carpaccio – can’t remember what all was on this one!ma peche new york sweetbreadssweet breads (provitello farms, ny) – almond, egg yolk, anchovy –
I made all the kids try them and we liked them so much we ordered a
second serving as part of our dessert lineup!
ma peche new york monkfish mole spaghetti squashmonkfish (barnegat light, nj) – mole, spaghetti squash, turnip ma peche new york duck breast and sausageduck (jurgielewicz farm, pa) – orange, pistachio, rutabaga – that doesn’t do it justice,
as the combo of the duck breast and the duck sausage was spectacular
ma peche new york veal sunchokeveal (provitello farms, ny) – sunchoke, mustard, coffeema peche new york cauliflowercauliflower – gruyere, curry, hazelnut – how vegetables should be served!
We also had the cavolo nero (kale) – chorizo, cranberry bean, beer,
but I couldn’t get everyone’s hands out of the bowl to take a picture!ma peche new york pound cakepound cake – citrus, brown butter, marshmallow – there might have also been another dessert but I was too busy eating the next round of sweetbreads to notice!

And perhaps most interesting to me, they serve a selection of cheeses for dessert
(standard fare) but also a butter selection.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had the goat butter (distinct twang of goat’s milk taste to it) with a freshly baked small loaf of brown bread. Now that’s what I call dessert!

Check out my daughter Jenny’s post about this dinner – since she “stole” a copy of the menu, her descriptions of all of the ingredients is a bit more accurate than mine!

Do you have any must visit restaurants in NYC?
Please share so I can add them to my list!


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  1. Emily says:

    Wow Michele. That all looks amazing. And your kids look it too!
    So I have gotten the Milk cookbook from our library and ogled through it. If you get a chance and don’t mind doubling up on a Chang restaurant, could you please try the crack pie and report back?
    Thanks and happy, safe travels to you.
    P.S. that Lucy just keeps getting cuter! How does that happen? Ellie still loving her? Hope to see you and them sooner than later. I need a golden fix!

  2. Jenny @ Savour the Senses says:

    Ahem! I was dying to order the sweetbreads too! That’s funny about your dessert because I was too busy eating sweetbreads and white chocolate covered popcorn to see that one!

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