Eating Well on the Run – It’s a Wrap!

July 22, 2013  •  Food for Thought, Sandwiches

pork tenderloin and arugula wrapThis is less of a recipe post and more of a commentary about eating on the run. While we all wish we could relax over a two hour lunch like we do when we are on vacation (like Italy, for example), the demands of our lives, our families, and our jobs simply get in the way of that most of the time. So we need to eat quickly at lunch, often on the run to get somewhere. It should be no surprise then why fast food joints (largely unhealthy, but don’t get me start on that soap box) have grown to be so ubiquitous in our society. Well, a simple wrap sandwich takes two minutes to throw together, costs very little, and is a heck of a lot better for you – but you need to keep a few things on hand and in mind.pork tenderloin and arugula on tortillaI like meat, but cooking up meat at lunch time isn’t practical when I’m running to an appointment. Cooked meat will actually last several days in the refrigerator, but did you know you can freeze cooked meat and it tastes just fine when thawed? I freeze cooked boneless chicken breasts, beef, and pork tenderloin in individual portion sized packages when I have leftovers. Keep a bag of tortillas in the refrigerator also – I like these new ones I’ve seen lately that contain ancient grains, things like flax, that are good for you. They are high in fiber but more importantly are soft and taste great. And I always keep some leafy greens on hand, like the arugula I used in this wrap.

You can spread anything you want on the wrap: refried beans, hummus, mayo, mustard, pesto – you get the idea – and then add some protein with a little meat, seafood, or beans, and some veggies – greens, shredded carrots, roasted peppers or your other favorites – and it’s a wrap. If you need to eat it on the run, wrap the ends in parchment paper or plastic wrap to keep it from falling apart while you head out the door. My wrap was a multi-grain tortilla with a little light mayo, some thinly sliced cooked pork tenderloin, and arugula – and it was delicious. Here’s to eating well on the run.


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  1. Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) says:

    Thanks for this Michele. We all need this reminder or how simple it can be to eat healthy.

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