A Photo Journey through Strasbourg, France

November 21, 2013  •  Europe, France, Strasbourg, Travel

2 strasbourg franc hotel couer du corbeauIf you’ve never been to Strasbourg, France, you need to add this to your list. What a wonderfully small sized, charming, city it is! Although it’s just a few minutes across the border from Germany, you’ll know you’re in France immediately by the pastry display.3 strasbourg france hotel corbeauWe arrived with a group and had booked rooms at the historic Hotel Cour du Corbeau right in the historic center of the city on the river.4 strasbourg franc hotel couer du corbeauThe hotel rooms we stayed in were once horse stables…4a strasbourg franc hotel couer du corbeau…and I was tickled pick with my “room with a view” on the second floor.5 strasbourg franceOld town in Strasbourg is simply beautiful – every corner you turn you see pretty restaurants like this one…5a strasbourg france…or faux painted store fronts like this one…7a strasbourg france timbered houses…or the old timbered housed like this one. It’s a photographer’s dream, and I only wish it had been sunnier so I could have captured the colors a little more vividly for you.1 strasbourg france cathedralYou don’t need to worry about a map walking around, as the huge spire from the cathedral guides you both during the night…6 strasbourg france cathedral…as well as the day.7 strasbourg france cathedral rose windowIt has a huge rose window in it – I think the largest in the world? – a classic feature in Gothic churches built during this era.8a strasbourg france petite france8 strasbourg france petite francePerhaps the prettiest part of Strasbourg is the Petite France quarter, the oldest in the city, which just oozes with charm and beauty.9 strasbourg france cheeseThere are plenty of shops selling cheese, the special gingerbread they make here, as well as all sorts of sweets.10 strasbourg france petite france11 strasbourg france petite franceIt’s set along the river, and from every bridge you seem to capture one photo more spectacular than the next!11a strasbourg france petite france12 strasbourg france petite franceIf you visit, spend some time winding through the neighborhood to see the flowers, the views…13 strasbourg france petite france…and the historic old timbered houses.14 strasbourg france petite franceI fell in love with Strasbourg and am already planning a return visit!

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