A Photo Journey Through Prague

May 4, 2012  •  Czech Republic, Europe, Prague, Travel

If you read my post about my time in Salzburg, I promised to tell you what happened on my drive from Austria to Prague. We rented a car at the Salzburg airport (tip, it’s often easier to take a cab to an airport – in this case a really short ride – than to rent the car in an old city and try to find your way to the highway). Our plan was to drive to Prague, since it was actually shorter than the train and would give us time to stop in the UNESCO world heritage town of Cesky Krumlov for lunch and a Budweis beer. That all worked out great, but back on the road and making our way into Prague a van, that I thought was an ambulance, pulled in front of me with flashing lights that said “STOP, PULL OVER NOW!”.

I had just passed the van, thinking it was an ambulance that was moving slowly, so was surprised when they pulled in front of me again and had me pull over. Getting pulled over anywhere can make your adrenaline race, but when the cop takes your passport in a foreign country and asks you to get out of the car and come with him, it’s scary. (I blame my fear on too many episodes of Locked Up Abroad – and no, I wasn’t smuggling heroin, so I didn’t really need to worry.) Turns out I was just missing the required car pass to be on the toll highway. As the guy said, of course there’s a fine – but they were kind enough to reduce the 5000 crown fine to 1000 crowns (about $50) since clearly it was an innocent mistake. They offered to take VISA for the fine, but we opted to pay in cash, and within a few minutes with the forms all filled out we were on our way to Prague.I’ve heard from so many people how pretty Prague is, but I still wasn’t prepared for it when I arrived. This is the view of the Tyn Church across Old Town Square and was shot from my bedroom window at the Hotel Lippert. As they say, location, location, location! I have tons of photos to share with you from a great few days here during Easter – to keep this post short I’m just going to caption each one, but would love to hear from you if you’re planning a trip to Prague any time soon!

Trdlo, an almond pastry dusted with sugar and baked over a charcoal fire on large wooden dowels – delicious!Tyn Church lit up at night – surreal lookingThe Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall in Old Town Square – the clock does a small performance each hourA couple of our many photos of Prague Castle across the riverView of Prague’s Old Town and Tyn Church from the Prague CastleSt. Vitus Cathedral, Prague CastleWalking across the pedestrian only Charles BridgeView of the castle from the Charles BridgeWalking along the river in Prague on a chilly spring dayTyn ChurchSt. Nicholas Church, Old Town SquareThe Old Jewish CemeteryHebrew Clock of Old Jewish Town Hall in the Jewish QuarterHigh end shopping street in Old Town, on a busy Easter MondayHotel Lippert, a UNESCO world heritage site, with Easter decorations in Old Town SquareOne of the many Trdlo stands in Old Town Square (we tried them all!)Chapel inside the Convent of Saint Agnes of BohemiaA pretty square in the Little QuarterView of the Little Quarter from Petrin HillThe Love Bridge, in the Little QuarterThe John Lennon WallCrowds gathering in Old Town Square to watch the hourly Astronomical Clock showViews of Old Town Square from the top of the Old Town HallAlways pick a room with a view!!!

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